Affordable Real Estate in Washington DC: Where to Look

Known as the last affordable frontier of the Northwest Quadrant, Mt. Pleasant is a great option for anyone looking to rent in Washington DC. It's low-key but vibrant life is what draws visitors to the neighborhood, and it's dotted with popular restaurants and is close to Rock Creek Park and Adams Morgan. This offers residents the best of both day and night life, and Mt.

Pleasant will tend to give you more space for your money than most neighborhoods in DC. Also known as “Little Rome,” Brookland is an artsy neighborhood in Northeast DC dotted with beautiful churches, cultural sites, galleries, restaurants, and lots of things to do. All types of people moving to Washington, DC will find something they love about living in Brookland. This safe and affordable neighborhood in the capital of the United States is an extremely convenient place to live for young professionals and students, thanks to Brookland's proximity to the Catholic University of America and Trinity Washington University, and to red subway stops, such as Brookland-Catholic University of America and Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood Avenue.

This attractive DC neighborhood offers access to fantastic educational institutions for school-age children, as well as the IB's Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy Charter Public School and the STEM-focused John Burroughs Elementary School, so it's also ideal for families living in DC. Named for the frequent fog that settles over the area, Foggy Bottom is one of the best places to live in Washington, DC for singles and young professionals. Located just west of the White House, in the heart of the DC metro, Foggy Bottom has trendy bars and restaurants located between the iconic National Mall and the Potomac River. In addition to its centralized location on the DC subway, George Washington University and countless restaurants, stores, and hotels call Foggy Bottom home and provide residents with work and entertainment.

Another benefit of living in this DC neighborhood is beautiful real estate, with home styles ranging from colorful townhouses to quaint single-family properties. Eckington is a neighborhood in northeastern Washington, DC located a mile north of the United States Capitol. Especially popular with young professionals, Eckington is close to the city center and has excellent walking accessibility. You might even recognize some of Eckington's colorful houses in the opening credit sequence of the Netflix series House of Cards.

An eclectic mix of Victorian-influenced architecture and apartment buildings make Eckington a diverse neighborhood with plenty of real estate opportunities. Sometimes known as “Little Rome” because of the numerous Catholic organizations and institutions clustered around the Catholic University of America, Brookland is a neighborhood located in northeastern Washington, D. C. Brookland, an excellent transportation option for residents who need to get to the city easily, has two stops on the red subway line, one located at Brookland-Catholic University of America and the other on Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood Avenue.

Glover Park is located just north of Georgetown and is known for housing several foreign embassies, as well as for its charming architecture and townhouses from the 1920s. Deanwood is one of the northeastern states of Washington D. Deanwood, a mix of brick houses and tree-lined streets, has experienced slow but steady revitalization for years. Recognized as an up-and-coming area with two subway stops, Deanwood is a great choice for travelers looking for affordable real estate in Washington, DC.

Fairfax is home to George Mason University, Virginia's largest public research university, and residents enjoy all the benefits of being a college town, including great nightlife, restaurants, and shopping. Residents also have access to more than 250 acres of parks, and outdoor recreation is endless. The city is consistently ranked in the top 10 places to start a family but Rockville also attracts a lot of young professionals. The city is right in the center of the I-270 biological corridor which offers extensive job opportunities.

The Metrorail also makes a stop here so you just have to quickly travel by subway to D. Washington D. C., Fairfax VA., Rockville MD., Deanwood D. C., Glover Park D.

C., Foggy Bottom D. C., Eckington D. C., Brookland D. C., Mt Pleasant D.

C., are all great options if you're looking for affordable real estate in Washington D. Each neighborhood offers something unique that will appeal to different types of people looking for a place to call home in our nation's capital.

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