The Best Areas to Rent a Home in Washington DC: A Guide

Are you looking for the perfect place to rent a home in Washington DC? Look no further! Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Logan Circle, Shaw, and Petworth are some of the best neighborhoods for young professionals. If you're looking for a quiet and relaxing environment, Columbia Heights is the place to be. College students and people looking for affordable housing will love Foggy Bottom.

Cathedral Heights

is a thriving residential neighborhood with a quiet, suburban character that sets it apart from other neighborhoods.

Considered a city break, this neighborhood provides a refreshing getaway for anyone looking for privacy and space. In addition to beautiful nature, Cathedral Heights has attractions such as the Washington National Cathedral, the American University Museum, and the Kreeger Museum. For those looking for an apartment in Cleveland Park, the neighborhood has a wealth of social events, services, dining areas, and shopping destinations. The Cleveland Park Public Library, the AMC Uptown 1 Theater, and Rock Creek Park are great places to visit.

You can also buy fresh food at the organic market or have a drink at the Cleveland Park Bar and Grill. Convenience and practicality are two words that define Columbia Heights. This multi-cultural community is well located and offers residents an active lifestyle. The neighborhood is ideal for those looking for a residential area with an upbeat, urban environment. Centrally located near the White House and the State Department, Foggy Bottom is a beautiful neighborhood and a hub of artistic, cultural, and social attractions.

This diverse area has people from all over the world and has excellent walking accessibility. Foodies who live in an apartment in Foggy Bottom can sample ethnic cuisine at Burger Tap & Shake, Rasika West End, and Zeitoun. During your free time, you can participate in several fun activities such as water sports, running in Rock Creek Park, and visiting the Kennedy Center. Art lovers will enjoy going to the Art Museum of the Americas while nature lovers will want a neighborhood tour.

Woodley Park

is the perfect neighborhood for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The area has many trees, local amenities, and proximity to the National Zoo while offering easy access to the city. This makes it a refreshing haven for those who prefer an active but reserved lifestyle.

Thomas Circle

is a conveniently located suburban neighborhood with an elegant environment and convenient access to entertainment, cultural and social activities. The residential community attracts a wide range of people in part because of its relative safety, quiet environment, and convenient transportation to other neighborhoods. Refined and sophisticated Kalorama is one of the most exclusive places to live in Washington DC.

A historic neighborhood that offers extraordinary privacy, architecture and charm along with its proximity to downtown and the National Mall make it one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Washington DC. Neighborhoods on the map are an ideal place to live for people who work in government or nearby Georgetown University. Columbia Heights is known for its beautiful parks and prestigious location in Northwest DC along with its retail stores and diverse community. This neighborhood attracts an eclectic mix of creative and business professionals who love its many great places to eat and enjoy. With more than 11000 people moving to Washington DC each year there's no doubt that there's a demand for places to rent. If you're in Washington DC and looking for investment properties you'll know that the market is trending and renters are looking for great homes.

If you're looking for the best areas in Washington DC for investment properties here are some to check out first: Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Logan Circle, Shaw, Petworth, Columbia Heights, Foggy Bottom, Cathedral Heights, Cleveland Park Woodley Park Thomas Circle Kalorama. If you're thinking of listing your rental property in Washington DC or buying an investment property in one of these areas consider checking with Fred A. At Adams Morgan you'll find great apartments that will be in high demand and won't always need a lot of work before renting them out. Washington DC is consistently ranked as one of the most popular markets in the country and it also ranks high in average income. We've compiled a guide to help you find rentals or shared apartments in some of the best neighborhoods in DC whether you want to live in Dupont Circle or Foggy Bottom. Considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Washington DC Dupont Circle is perfect for young professionals and singles. We will not refuse to rent a rental unit to someone because they will pay rent either fully or partially through rental housing relief vouchers provided by either District or federal government. We have rentals and shared apartments in some of the best neighborhoods in DC whether you want to live in Dupont Circle or Foggy Bottom.

Washington DC is more than just White House historic buildings monuments finding an apartment for rent can be overwhelming but with reliable partners like June you can rest assured that we'll help you find a house or apartment without any problem.

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